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Everything You Need to Know About Botox Before You Try It

By: Chelsea Leary | Cheat Sheet

If you feel like you've tried everything to treat your wrinkles and nothing has worked, Botox might be your next step.

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Why Botox Could Be The Secret To Boosting
Your Mood In 2018

By: Sophie Beresiner | Elle

Forget all the usual connotations for a minute, the latest thinking around Botox is that it can potentially remedy more than just your wrinkles.

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Deion Sanders Loves BOTOX And Is Getting
His Message Out To Men

By: Aliko Carter | Forbes

Deion Sanders knows he isn't getting any younger. But the dual-sport star, known as "Prime Time" from his 1990's heyday, is always TV-ready. He credits that in part to BOTOX Cosmetic.

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All You Need To Know About Botox

By: Gerry Cupido | IOL

An unnaturally expressionless face with skin that looks like it has been pulled back way too tight is often the image that comes to mind when we hear the word "Botox".

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Has Botox For Men Gone Mainstream?

By: Jennifer Ryan Jones |

Sure, you're into the latest grooming lotions and potions. But are you ready to make Botox a regular part of your grooming routine? It's gone more mainstream than you think, and Botox for men may be just the tip of the anti-aging iceberg.

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Millennials Are In Love With Botox

By: Richard Morgan | NYPost

One of the country's most popular lifestyle drugs turns 15 on Wednesday. And if that doesn't put a smile on the face of any of the thousands of celebrities, and the growing number of millennials who use it, well, it could mean they're using too much of it.

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Botox: The Drug That's Treating Everything

By: Alexandra Sifferlin | Time

During a recent therapy session, one of Dr. Norman Rosenthal's regulars said he was considering suicide. It wasn't the first time the patient had entertained the thought, and even though he was on antidepressants and always kept up with his appointments, Rosenthal, a licensed psychiatrist with a private practice in North Bethesda, Md., wanted to offer his patient something else.

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